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Earning money online seems like the impossible when you are just starting out, but the truth is that its not. There are many ways to earn money fast online with a little work. The more work you put into something and the more practice you get will achieve better results. Like making more money. I am going to show you some of the best and fairly simple ways to making money online.


Without an audience there is no money to be made. You need a following or and audience for the money to come in. there are different audiences you can target. These are called “Niches”. These are just different audiences with different interests. It all depends on which interest or “niche” that you are passionate about or want to learn.

An easy way to contact these audiences is by social media.

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • and many more

There are many ways to create a following in social media. Show everyone in your niche that you have all the answers or at least act like you know all the answers. Be Their Leader!


Email Marketing is a simple way to create a passive income. Use your audience or following to create an email list for your niche. Join an email auto responder such as Drip or Constant Contact and provide useful information relevant to your niche. These email auto responders allow you to create and send as many emails as you like to an email list at specific times.

Provide useful and helpful information or something of value to the customer or client. Then give some affiliate offers in your emails. Some useful affiliate programs like:

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Clickbank
  • Offervault

You find a product related to your niche that could benefit your client or customer and send them an affiliate link. The affiliate link will be linked to your account and when they purchase the offer or subscription, you make commission from it.

A big email list that receives good value content and offers can earn money fast online without having to do much work after you get up and running. It is just about getting more customers to give you their email so you can make more money from every email you send them.


Opening up an online store is profitable when its created and managed right. Anyone can open a store but only a few can make it a business. Shopify is a good choice for starting off an online store. You can use your own products or put affiliate products or dropshipping.

It really is like running a store. People find the products they want and purchase it. Then you fulfill the order by giving them your customers what they ordered. Pretty simple.

Dropshipping is the easiest way to make money with an online store like Shopify. Open up a Shopify store and connect it with Oberlo. You add products to your store with Oberlo and when a customer makes a purchase they send you the money for the item(s) they purchased. An order will appear in Oberlo. You simply click fulfill order and it will find the product(s) the customer wants and adds all the shipping info. You simply purchase the item(s) they want at a lower price with the money you got from the customers purchase. BOOM instant profit. You get money and the customer gets their items. Everyone is happy.


Making a recurring payment or subscription payments are a great way to make a passive income. Something that the customer is willing to pay for every month. Whether you are providing a service or teaching something they want to know.

Memberships that have a referral program. Everyone that you refer, you make money every time they pay their subscription. If you like a program and have others that want to use it, then send them a referral link and you could be making a commission of every time they pay.


If your good at writing or love writing then you could be publishing e-books on amazon, or anyplace that sells kindles or e-books. Every time one of your books sells you will make money off of it. This is called royalty. You can earn money fast online if you publish a few books online.

A couple well written e-books with some proper advertising can make you a lot of serious money. The books don’t ever get old or don’t ever disappear, they stay online until you decide to take them off.

If you publish 5 books online in a series for 5 bucks for each book, then you have 25 dollars of value online for just one person to read, but if 100 people see your book and 10 people decide purchase your series, that’s 25 x 10 = 250 bucks you just made. That’s only 1/10 of the people that saw your book series. If 12 people purchase your series then that’s 300 bucks you made.

What if you made a second book series?


Creating videos on YouTube can be a great source to make a following/audience, and to create an email list. Making videos for YouTube is also FREE. It doesn’t cost anything but a little of your time to post a video on YouTube. Creating content that draws attention and monetizing your channel and videos with ads creates revenue. When more people click the ads or watches your videos the more money you make. You don’t need a giant subscriber base to make a lot of money on YouTube. You just have to keep their attention to your entire video. All the affiliate links and messages you can make in a video and put in the description makes it a gold mine if the creator knows what to do.


This is only a small fraction of the possible ways to make money fast online. Only you can put in the time to create an income from nothing. I can show you the door to success but YOU have to be the one to walk through it.



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