How To Make Money With Email Marketing – Steps To Success!

There are many ways to make money online. Some ways are better than others. I am going to show you how to make money with email marketing. This requires some upfront work if you don’t have an audience.


So what are you good at? What are your interests? What do you want to sell?

So your first step is choosing your niche(interest). You don’t have to be an expert in your niche. Don’t overthink this. Choose something you like and willing to learn more. You can choose anything you want. Some Niches are better than others.


Email Marketing is the use of emails to generate a revenue online. Email marketing is targeting of people with similar interests through email.


Step 1. Choose Niche

Step 2. Build an Email List

Step 3. Send out Content through emails

Step 4. Get Paid

Its simple really. But has a little more depth to it. You need to build an audience and collect their email first through paid advertising, product launches, or from organic traffic. You then send them to an opt-in page where it collects their email into an auto responder. You then create emails that automatically get sent out every couple days with VALUEABLE CONTENT and OFFERS. DON’T JUST SEND EMAILS THAT ONLY CONTAIN OFFERS! Customers want some valuable content and information. That’s why they signed up, Right!


You need to create a page to collect your audience’s emails through an opt-in page. There are several places you can go to, to create your page. One of the best landing pages to create an opt-in page is Lead Pages. You create a free offer that gives your audience the incentive to sign up and give you their email. The email will then get sent to an Email Auto Responder. This is where the magic happens.


After you have collected a bunch of emails through your opt-in page you then get to set up and create emails for your audience. I typically send two emails containing valuable content and information then send an offer in your 3rd email. Then send more valuable information emails. Make your offer like a review for a product or service that your send them. Make them believe that they need this. When ever they purchase your offer, you make a commission off of it.

There are many auto responder on the web. Majority of them do the same thing with very little differences. One of the best auto responder is AWeber.


  • Drag & Drop Editor – Choose from over 700 mobile responsive email templates
  • HTML Templates – Create and send professional email newsletters with ease
  • Campains – Easily create automated emails with drag and drop editor
  • Customer Service – Get account support when you need it
  • Sign up Forms – Grown your email list with mobile responsive sign up forms
  • Mobile Apps – Download our suite of mobile apps
  • Intergrations – Connect your email list with your favorite online tools to automate your list growth
  • Email Tracking – Track email performance with analytics
  • Subscriber Management – Easily collect, track and manage your subscriber list


Just about every other auto responder does all of these but I found this to be a little better.



Well now all you do now that you have your opt-in page and auto responder all set up is drive more traffic to your opt-in page. Create different offers for the same interest and collect their email. Keep driving traffic. TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC. The more emails you have, the more money you make.

Paid advertising is perfect for this. Target your audiences with Facebook ads. There is so much traffic on Facebook that it doesn’t make sense not to advertise to it.

Free traffic is good but will not produce as much traffic as paid advertising. Its slow and time-consuming.

Well that’s how to make money online with email marketing. Collect emails into an auto responder and send out information and offers to them. Simple but takes a little time to set up.

Andrew Clemens




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